Prolific Experimental Surrealistic Industrial sub-sonic auditory bliss... 

year formed:2001



Chainsaw Synphany or simply The Synphany has been in existence for 20 years now. Over the course of those last 20 years CS has recorded & released over 15 albums, and has recorded and lost another 15+, along with making multiple guest appearances with artists from around the globe.

 In addition to these CS started teaming up follow friend and collaborator VIO (Victory Is Ours) on the avant garde experimental singer songwriter project "CS/VIO, CSVIO, CS?VIO & such in turn respectively curating a slew of releases, singles, and ep 's. The cumulative head being the eponymous debut full length "We Did This Instead?" Shortly thereafter the project evolved into what is now known as "ROTOSCOPED."

 The purpose of the CS is experimentation & freedom of expression. Utilizing the off key harmonies of instruments when used in inappropriate manners, mixed with raw convictions a unique sometime chaotic - sometimes melodic sound is achieved. Chainsaw Synphany comes straight from the subconscious-conscious mind of C.S. where every little noise, word or image are of the upmost importance to fulling becoming aware of your surroundings inside and out.. It's most certainly not a journey for everyone, but it is an interesting and intriguing one for those curious enough to delve beneath the surface. So with that we invite you to sit back & enjoy the noise ridden with sooo much heart, soul & personal meaning..



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